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breach responSe

Cyber Risk Associates, llc customizes required HIPAA training for your practice, your staff, your offices. We  tailor three levels of training, for staff, managers and owners.  One size never fits all!

From a lost thumbdrive to a major cyber attack, Cyber Risk Associates, llc is your partner in breach response.  Business continuity and patient notification is our priority!.

Threats to privacy and security are met by administrative, physical and technical safeguards.  But as threats change, so must defenses. 

Our monthly advisory is your Early Warning System.

HIPAA compliance requires periodic EHR-related risk assessment.  Our proprietary gap analysis identifies where its being done right, and where improvements are needed for compliance.


we have you covered... from  waIting room to websitE

With recent changes to the HIPAA Omnibus Rule, medical practices must address their compliance and what changes to effect to minimize risks to patient privacy and security.

The Omnibus Rule creates urgency to address these at an “enterprise level” for which small practices are unprepared and under-resourced .  Cyber Risk Associates, LLC, positions small medical practices – the very bedrock of American healthcare - for compliance with HIPAA, GINA, HITECH and state regulations, through individually customized programs and ongoing support.


  • On-site Assessment of Administrative, Physical and Technical safeguards
  • HIPAA Compliance benchmarking and remediation plan
  • Policy & procedure review
  • Business Associate agreement review
  • Customized training, annual and newhire (both required)
  • Risk Analysis
  • Breach Response and requisite Risk Assessment

Navigating HIPAA Compliance Takes Expert Piloting. We guide your practice to snug harbor.

Cyber Risk Associates, LLC, positions small medical practices for compliance with HIPAA privacy and security mandates.  
Each associate is a Certified HIPAA Professional, devoted to the continual improvement of your practice's security and privacy posture.  The threat landscape changes daily; you have enough to worry about without risk assessment and risk management.

Let us fill in the gap.