HIPAA compliance is not
a DIY project.

Security threats are rampant. 

Privacy is more precious than ever.   

Breaches can shut practices forever.

Compliance begins with a risk analysis, reviewing your technical, physical and administrative safeguards along with policies and practices. 

Ransomware is the cybercrime of choice. Its growth is resonant of Crack Cocaine’s, leaving devastation in its wake.  In 2017, beginning with the high profile, successful extortion of Hollywood Hospital, healthcare providers are seen as an easy - and very lucrative - target.

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Effective training does more than simply parrot the rules. To protect the practice, each staff member needs situational awareness. Cyber Risk's student-centered, case-based exercises train to real life as well as the rules.

Privacy Officers are required by HIPAA for every practice, large or small.  This is not a job for your I.T. department unless they're  certified HIPAA professionals.  Our staff is each certified in privacy, security and HIPAA.

I.T. is the cause of only 30% of Data Breaches.
The rest result from lack of Policies, Practices and Training.   


The Year of the Ransomware Epidemic 

What did we learn?

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