Cyber Risk Associates

Protecting it is vital to your practice.   

Breaches are epidemic.
I.T. is just 20% of Data Privacy.
The rest is Policies, Practices and Training.
How do YOU do it?

 2015 saw epidemic breaches.

What did we learn?

Effective training has to do more than simply parrot the rules. To protect the practice, each staff member needs situational awareness. Protecting patient privacy can become second-nature, like buckling a seat belt. Cyber Risk's student-centered, case-based exercises teach the threats facing your practice today. 
We train to the "real," as well as the rule.


Patient privacy is precious.

Privacy and Security Officers are required by HIPAA for every practice, large or small.  They maintain both practice's state of compliance and keep the documentation that proves it.  

      This is not a job for your I.T. department unless they're  certified HIPAA professionals.  Are they?  We are.  And Cyber Risk Associates is certified as fully HIPAA compliant. 

Compliance begins with a risk analysis, reviewing your technical, physical and administrative safeguards along with policies and practices. Our no-pain process begins with a self-audit questionnaire, a short interview, and a site walk-through. We produce a gap report and work with you on a practical, prioritized remediation plan to ensure you comply with federal and state regulations.